Medical Treatments


Pulmonary fat stem cell therapy
Fat Stem Cell Therapy has a remarkable effect on the lungs.

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Diabetes Type II

Fat stem cell therapy for Diabetes Type II
No more expensive medications required after treatment.

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Fat stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis
Enjoy playing golf and tennis again without pain or discomfort.

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Cosmetic Procedures


Fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process
Our fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process.

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FSC Breast Augmentation

A fat stem cell breast augmentation gives you the breasts you always wanted
Natural look. Natural feel. No surgery!

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FSC Face Lift

Look young again with our fat stem cell therapy process
Look 10-15 years younger! No scars! No expensive botox!

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About Us

INFINITE HORIZONS Medical Center Company Limited

Infinite Horizons Medical Center first opened its doors in 2006. It focused its abilities in finding and perfecting both medical and cosmetic procedures. Later that year it struck a deal with a leading Bio Tech company, that offered up some innovative stem cell therapy treatments. During the research and development stage of its operations Infinite Horizons Medical Center decided that it would best serve its clients by planning an entire rehabilitation program around the medical procedure. The reason for that was to simply take advantage of the "Placebo Effect" that occurred after stem cell therapy.

In order to gain experience running a rehabilitation center it started operating, in 2010, as a rehabilitation center for substance abuse patients. The center did extremely well and gave the experts at Infinite Horizons Medical Center some valuable lessons on how to operate and manage a rehabilitation program in a 5+ Star resort style setting.

In early 2012 it began construction on a state of the art medical center and resort. Construction ended in March 2012, and Infinite Horizons Medical Center was born.

OUR VISION The Best Medical Care

Every single one of our Fat Stem Cell Therapies has been selected because each of them has been proven to work with amazing results. There are absolutely no side affects or the possibility of rejection from the body. Every measure has been taken to ensure the Treatment works to perfection and a rehabilitation program has been included in each Treatment to educate the client how to take advantage of their new lease on life.

Every day more is uncovered about the benefit of Autologous¹ Adipose² Enriched³ Stem Cell Therapy. More treatments are perfected and more are being offered. Our Vision is to become a leader in the field of Fat Stem Cell Therapy, the guys who do it right, the team of experts who get the best results. A lot of research goes into perfecting the treatment procedure and Infinite Horizons wants to lead the pack.

Word from our Bio Tech supplier is that they are close to coming up with Stem Cell Therapies for Breast Cancer, Chronic Back Pain, Autism, and even HIV. It is surely an exciting time.

OUR FOUNDATION The Infinite Autism Clinic

Later in 2012, Infinite Horizons Medical Center will launch The Infinite Autism Clinic. This clinic will operate separately from our medical center and will provide FREE Autism Therapy to under privileged children. This clinic is to be funded partially by a percentage of the Treatment Program Fee from our Medical Center and partially from our distinguished Shareholders.

OUR MEDICAL TEAM Highly Trained Professionals

One of Infinite Horizons Medical Center's principle shareholders is a renowned Doctor and is presently the Assistant Director of Thailand's most distinguished hospital. Our Medical Director has assembled a formidable team of experts. A Procedure Consultant, two Cosmetic Surgeons, a Certified Lab Tech, and three Registered Nurses make up our medical team.

A Nutritionist, Life Counselor, Physiotherapist, Yoga Teacher, Spa Therapist, and Fitness Trainer make up the rest of the Treatment / Recovery Team.

OUR RESORT STAFF High Level of Service

Infinite Horizons Medical Center has put together a resort staff like none other anywhere in the world. Each individual's sole focus is on their function and ensuring that our distinguished guests get the very best service possible. A fluently bilingual Resort Manger leads and co-ordinates the team.

¹ Autologous: Derived or transferred from the same individual's body
² Adipose: Is fat but is usually used to refer specifically to tissue made up of mainly fat cells such as the yellow layer of fat beneath the skin in the abdomen
³ Enriched: With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), blood plasma with concentrated platelets and other growth factors

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Treatment: Diabetes Type II
Client: K.W.  --   U.S.A.
" I was on expensive drugs which had nasty side effects. I just needed to try something different. I came across fat stem cell therapy.  " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Diabetes Type II
Client: B.W.  --   Thailand
" I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 at 38 years old. I wanted to rid myself of those expensive medications. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Osteoarthritis
Client: B.M.  --   U.S.A.
" Mine was Osteoarthritis. I thought that I would never play golf again. Then I read about fat stem cell therapy with PRP " -- read full testimonial

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