Medical Treatments


Pulmonary fat stem cell therapy
Fat Stem Cell Therapy has a remarkable effect on the lungs.

See Pulmonary

Diabetes Type II

Fat stem cell therapy for Diabetes Type II
No more expensive medications required after treatment.

See Diabetes


Fat stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis
Enjoy playing golf and tennis again without pain or discomfort.

See Osteoarthritis

Cosmetic Procedures


Fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process
Our fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process.

See Anti-Aging

FSC Breast Augmentation

A fat stem cell breast augmentation gives you the breasts you always wanted
Natural look. Natural feel. No surgery!

See Breast Augmentation

FSC Face Lift

Look young again with our fat stem cell therapy process
Look 10-15 years younger! No scars! No expensive botox!

See Face Lift


GETTING ADMITTED For Medical or Cosmetic Treatment

Admission to the Infinite Horizons Medical Center is handled by our Medical Director in Thailand. Prospective patients will undergo a comprehensive screening process. Prospective patients may be required to provide recent medical records.

Detailed information on the procedure and its costs will be given only to qualified patients. Travel to our medical center in Thailand is not included in our pricing structure.

Prospective patients are invited to fill in the admissions form located below. Please provide detailed information on the current medical condition of the applicant in the message section. If you want to save time then please leave your phone number in the field provided and tell us by using the message field what would be a good time to call.

Treatment Packages All Inclusive

Infinite Horizons Medical Center has put together All Inclusive treatment packages for each procedure we perform. Below you'll find a list of both medical and cosmetic treatments offered and what is included.

Medical Treatment - Pulmonary Disease
Required Stay Length : 7 Days
Procedure Length : 6-7 Hours
Treatment Type : Intravenous Drip
Immobilization : 24-48 Hours
Repetition : None

Medical Treatment - Osteoarthritis
Required Stay Length : 14 Days
Procedure Length : 6-7 Hours
Treatment Type : Intravenous Drip Plus Direct Joint Injection
Immobilization : 48-72 Hours
Repetition : Yes 4 Days after first treatment

Medical Treatment - Diabetes Type II
Required Stay Length : 7 Days
Procedure Length : 6-7 Hours
Treatment Type : Intravenous Drip
Immobilization : 24-48 Hours
Repetition : None
Cosmetic Procedure - Anti Agiing
Required Stay Length : 7 Days
Procedure Length : 6-7 Hours
Treatment Type : Intravenous Drip
Immobilization : 24-48 Hours
Repetition : None

Cosmetic Procedure - Face Lift
Required Stay Length : 7 Days
Procedure Length : 6-7 Hours
Treatment Type : Direct Injections and Filling
Immobilization : 24-36 Hours
Repetition : None

Cosmetic Procedure - Breast Augmentation
Required Stay Length : 7 Days
Procedure Length : 6-8 Hours
Treatment Type : Direct Injection and Filling
Immobilization : 48-72 Hours
Repetition : None

Your 7 or 14 Day Treatment Package Includes:

  • Medical Evaluation & Related Tests
  • Medical Consultation & Procedure Explanation
  • Medical Procedure
  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Physiotherapy (for Osteoarthritis Patients only)
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • 3 Full Meals Per Day
  • Snacks, Fruits, Juices, Water, Coffee, Tea, Anytime, All Day
  • All Scheduled Spa Therapies
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Life Change Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Transfer Service To and From Local Airport

View sample schedule for 7 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.
View sample schedule 14 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.

Availability 4-6 weeks waiting period

From the moment Infinite Horizons Medical Center opened its doors it has been overwhelmed with requests for medical and cosmetic treatments. Presently there is a 4 to 6 week waiting period. Once a prospective patient has been qualified for admission the patient will be asked to to confirm their arrival date and secure their place in our program by making a 30% deposit of the medical fee.

We do not accept Medical Insurance claims

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Treatment: Pulmonary
Client: S.K.  --   Greece
" 65 year old S.K. was diagnosed with IPF also suffering from emphysema, tried the procedure in 2009. His lung capacity was then 45%. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Osteoarthritis
Client: C.P.  --   Canada
" Tennis was my game but the pain in my shoulder stopped me from playing. Today I am playing again thanks to fat stem cell therapy with PRP. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Breast Augmentation
Client: S.L.  --   Japan
" I had very small breasts and I just wanted to be able to fill my cup. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Pulmonary
Client: M.J.  --   U.K.
" Used to suffer with Asthma. After I had the fat stem cell therapy for pulmonary diseases I never had to use the inhaler again " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Diabetes Type II
Client: P.B.  --   Singapore
" I had a severe case of type 2 Diabetes. Doctors prescribed expensive meds. Then I found out about stem cell therapy for diabetes type 2 " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Anti Aging
Client: J.S.  --   Canada
" Within hours after the Anti-Aging therapy, I felt incredible. Days later my skin radiated and got so much softer.  " -- read full testimonial

Read more client testimonials

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