Medical Treatments


Pulmonary fat stem cell therapy
Fat Stem Cell Therapy has a remarkable effect on the lungs.

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Diabetes Type II

Fat stem cell therapy for Diabetes Type II
No more expensive medications required after treatment.

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Fat stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis
Enjoy playing golf and tennis again without pain or discomfort.

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Cosmetic Procedures


Fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process
Our fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process.

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FSC Breast Augmentation

A fat stem cell breast augmentation gives you the breasts you always wanted
Natural look. Natural feel. No surgery!

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FSC Face Lift

Look young again with our fat stem cell therapy process
Look 10-15 years younger! No scars! No expensive botox!

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FSC Face Lift

TREATMENT WITH Fat Stem Cell Therapy

4.5 stars
Avg. Rating: 4.5 out of 5 from 129 votes.

Women and men around the globe are seeking for alternatives to Surgical Face Lifts and expensive chemical injection namely Botox. And when celebs like legend pop-artist Madonna, choose the natural approach you know you are onto something really good.

Thanks to the local rejuvenating and toning effect of stem cells, now there is an alternative. An enriched³ Fat Stem Cell (FSC) Face Lift can leave you looking 10 - 15 years younger, all without surgical scars and long recovery period as well as that nonsense "pulled back look".

And don't forget, the neck and hands, which are a sure sign of "old age". Our procedure takes care of that too.

THE PROCEDURE Harvest, Separate, Enrich, Activate, Return

A detailed explanation of our procedure for a Fat Stem Cell (FSC) Face Lift with autologous¹ adipose² enriched³ Stem Cell Therapy is available on our procedure page.

Activated Stem Cells are returned to the patient by our Cosmetic Surgeon using surgical needles. Only a local anesthetic is used. Excess fat extracted during the Harvest phase of the procedure is mixed with activated stem cells and is used as filler to inject into the patient's Hands, Face and Neck to fill wrinkles and age lines.

The natural effects of the enriched stem cells smooth and tone the skin. The entire process takes about 4-5 hours to complete.

THE RESULTS Younger Looks, Disappearing Age Spots

Here too, the results of this procedure speak for themselves. Cleaner, whiter, smoother, softer and wrinkle free, facial skin can be had within a week after the procedure. Acne dents and scars disappear, age spots fade quickly. In 2-3 weeks the full effects of the procedure will be evident. Your friends will be shocked by just how young you look and they will surely be looking for the scars.

image of a woman before fat stem cell face lift
image of a woman after fat stem cell face lift

The woman in the images above also had dents on both sides of her forehead. A trained cosmetic surgeon filled those dents with her own fat

THE ADVANTAGES Of A Fat Stem Cell Face Lift

  •  Fat from your own body used
  •  No foreign agents are injected into your face
  •  Rapid recovery time
  •  No scarring will occur
  •  Skin tone is better as a result
  •  Lasting results, on average up to five years

F.A.Q. About Fat Stem Cell Face Lift

Is The Procedure Painful?
No, the procedure is painless and requires only a local anesthetic. It takes about 3.5 hours to harvest and activate the stem cells. The cosmetic surgeon then needs about 1.5 hours to complete the process.

There will be some pain after the local abdominal anesthetic has worn off, but we curb that pain by keeping the client immobilized for up to 48 hours. Our Aftercare program really accelerates results by providing in-depth information to the patient about procedure management post treatment.

How Long Will The Face Lift Last?
This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions we get. Typically 5-6 years, but with good care it can last 8-10 years. Our aftercare program will teach you how with a slight change in lifestyle and diet you can stay looking young for a long time.

How Much Does A FSC Face Lift Cost?
We package the Medical Procedure with a Recovery Program.

Your 7 Day Medical and Recovery Program Includes:

  • Medical Evaluation & Related Tests
  • Medical Consultation & Procedure Explanation
  • Medical Procedure
  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Physiotherapy (for Osteoarthritis Patients only)
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • 3 Full Meals Per Day
  • Snacks, Fruits, Juices, Water, Coffee, Tea, Anytime, All Day
  • All Scheduled Spa Therapies
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Life Change Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Transfer Service To and From Local Airport

View sample schedule for 7 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.
View sample schedule 14 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.

GAINING ADMISSION Information & More

For more information, questions or pricing please contact Infinite Horizons. For information on admission and availability visit our admissions page.

¹ Autologous: Derived or transferred from the same individual's body
² Adipose: Is fat but is usually used to refer specifically to tissue made up of mainly fat cells such as the yellow layer of fat beneath the skin in the abdomen
³ Enriched: With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), blood plasma with concentrated platelets and other growth factors

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Treatment: Face Lift
Client: J.W.  --   China
" I am a 55 year old Asian businessman who now looks like he's 40 and I love my new appearance. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Face Lift
Client: S.T.  --   Canada
" I just returned from Infinite Horizons Medical Center in Thailand. The place is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best I have every been to. " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Face Lift
Client: S.W.  --   Hong Kong
" I simply love my new face. Its me 15 years ago. Thanks Infinite Horizons Medical Center. " -- read full testimonial

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