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Pulmonary fat stem cell therapy
Fat Stem Cell Therapy has a remarkable effect on the lungs.

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Diabetes Type II

Fat stem cell therapy for Diabetes Type II
No more expensive medications required after treatment.

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Fat stem cell therapy for Osteoarthritis
Enjoy playing golf and tennis again without pain or discomfort.

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Fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process
Our fat stem cell therapy arrests the aging process.

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FSC Breast Augmentation

A fat stem cell breast augmentation gives you the breasts you always wanted
Natural look. Natural feel. No surgery!

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FSC Face Lift

Look young again with our fat stem cell therapy process
Look 10-15 years younger! No scars! No expensive botox!

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TREATMENT WITH Fat Stem Cell Therapy & PRP

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It is estimated that 12.1% of Americans over the age of 25 suffer with Osteoarthritis, a joint inflammation resulting from cartilage degeneration. Osteoarthritis may be caused by aging, injury from trauma or disease. The most common symptom of osteoarthritis is pain in the affected joint.

Normal Joint
Joint with Osteoarthritis

According to the medical community "Aside from weight reduction and avoiding activities that exert excessive stress on the joint cartilage, there is no specific treatment to halt cartilage degeneration or to repair damaged cartilage in osteoarthritis". That quote was taken from

Well do we have news for you. Today with Advanced Autologous¹ Adipose² Stem Cell Therapy and Platelet Rich Plasma³ (PRP) your body can rebuild joint cartilage.

THE PROCEDURE Harvest, Separate, Enrich, Activate, Return

A detailed explanation of this painless procedure is available on our procedure page. Our certified Osteo Doctor will perform 2 treatments 4 days apart. The first will be an activated PRP injection into the affected joint. This will help with the pain. Then, 4 days later we'll perform the entire procedure and return enriched activated stem cells directly into the affected joint. The patient will also receive the same cocktail through an intravenous drip.

THE RESULTS Increase In Mobility Without Pain

Treating Osteoarthritis with Stem Cell Therapy and PRP requires a 2 week stay at our medical center. The client will receive two injections one each week. Light Physiotherapy will also be required. The results at first will be noticeable, for example movement with much less pain but the real healing will start some 4-6 weeks later. Super-charged stem cells will go to work rebuilding the damaged tissue.

There are many documented cases online regarding the positive effects of this therapy. Simply Google "Bartolo Colon Yankee Baseball Pitcher" to get an example.

This therapy is also utilized for soft tissue injuries such as tendonitis, muscle sprains and tears, and various types of ligament injuries. These include common tendon injuries such as tennis and golfers' elbow, Achilles tendonitis and knee tendonitis. It is also used to treat various injuries and conditions affecting (joint) injuries. These include rotator cuff and meniscus injuries.

this diagram shows activated PRP rich stem cells going to work repairing damaged tissue

F.A.Q. About Osteoarthritis and Fat Stem Cell Therapy with PRP

Is The Procedure Painful?
No, the procedure is painless and takes about 3.5 hours to harvest and activate the stem cells and about 30 minutes to inject the affected area. More information on the procedure here.

There is some pain after the local abdominal anesthetic has worn off, but we curb that pain by keeping the client immobilized for up to 48 hours. Shortly after the procedure the patient may experience some stiffness in the joint. This is perfectly normal. After that there will be some days with little pain. This will go away as the healing begins.

No pain medication should be used. Our Aftercare program is very good and really accelerates results. The patient will have to make an effort to rebuild the strenth of the joint once they leave our center.

How Long Is The Treatment Good For?
As far as we know forever or until the patient damages it again. In most of the cases we have seen patients will only do the procedure once.

How Much Does Osteoarthritis Therapy Cost?
We package the Medical Procedure with a Recovery Program.

Your 14 Day Medical and Recovery Program Includes:

  • Medical Evaluation & Related Tests
  • Medical Consultation & Procedure Explanation
  • Medical Procedure
  • 24 Hour Nursing Care
  • Nutrition Consultation
  • Physiotherapy (for Osteoarthritis Patients only)
  • Luxurious Accommodations
  • 3 Full Meals Per Day
  • Snacks, Fruits, Juices, Water, Coffee, Tea, Anytime, All Day
  • All Scheduled Spa Therapies
  • Fitness Consultation
  • Life Change Counseling
  • Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Transfer Service To and From Local Airport

View sample schedule for 7 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.
View sample schedule 14 day enriched fat stem cell therapy package.

GAINING ADMISSION Information & More

For more information, questions or pricing please contact Infinite Horizons. For information on admission and availability visit our admissions page.

¹ Autologous: Derived or transferred from the same individual's body
² Adipose: Is fat but is usually used to refer specifically to tissue made up of mainly fat cells such as the yellow layer of fat beneath the skin in the abdomen
³ Enriched: With Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), blood plasma with concentrated platelets and other growth factors

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Treatment: Osteoarthritis
Client: B.M.  --   U.S.A.
" Mine was Osteoarthritis. I thought that I would never play golf again. Then I read about fat stem cell therapy with PRP " -- read full testimonial

Treatment: Osteoarthritis
Client: C.P.  --   Canada
" Tennis was my game but the pain in my shoulder stopped me from playing. Today I am playing again thanks to fat stem cell therapy with PRP. " -- read full testimonial

Client:   --   
"  " -- read full testimonial

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